Isley's 60th Anniversary
It's Our Birthday, But You Get The Presents!

This Month’s Featured Special

Air Scrubber Plus Breathe Easy Save Big PromotionEven though you can’t usually see or feel it, the air inside your home may be more polluted than what you breathe outside it. Through August 31, you can remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles and save over $800 doing it.

When you buy any size air conditioner unit, Isley’s Home Service will install an Air Scrubber Plus air purification system for only $19.57. That’s over $800 off the regular purchase price.

Call (480) 422-5949 now to lock in your savings.

Air Conditioning In The 1950s

Research Proven

Researchers and environmental scientists around the world validated the effectiveness of AIr Scrubber Plus indoor air purification
Researchers and environmental scientists around the world have rigorously tested and validated the effectiveness of ActivePure, the air purifying technology employed by Air Scrubber Plus technology. Their findings indicate that it significantly reduces 99 percent of both organic and microbial compounds, vastly improving indoor air quality.

Air Scrubber Plus Home Air Purification

Air Scrubber Plus uses technology developed for NASA to improve air quality throughout your home. Its UV-light wave technology removes allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

Clean air is healthy air. Dust, pollen, pent dander, mildew, fungus, dust mites, lint, cooking grease, bacteria, and more fill the air inside your home and cause a variety of health problems. Effects are even worse for allergy and asthma sufferers.


The Air Scrubber Plus system employs germicidal UV light waves to remove 99 percent of pollutants commonly found in indoor air, including VOCs, dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria. The system installs directly into the ductwork above your HVAC handler and covers approximately 3,000 square feet. Isley’s uses the Air Scrubber in its Gilbert office to ensure our employees breathe the safest, cleanest air possible.

Infographic about Air Scrubber Plus removing 99% of indoor pollutants, Isley's Home Service

A Little Bit of History…

In 1957 Guy Isley founded the Isley company. Guy had making his living of of air-conditioning and work on recreational vehicles (RVs) throughout the valley, and decided to start his own business. His goal was simple. Provide valley residents exactly what they wanted: reliable, quality home repair services. Longtime Phoenix-area residents might remember his slogan, “Yes we have it, yes we can do it.”

Johnny D of Isley's Home Service, Inc.In 1995, former Isley’s service tech John Dargavel – better known today as Johnny D – purchased the A/C division of Isley’s. Today, Johnny D and his wife Tami run the show with, in John’s words, “The greatest team around. From dispatch to field techs, Isley’s people are the best.” As Johnny D also says, “The Isley goal is giving our customers the service we’d want to receive.” That’s why Isley’s offers 3-hour service windows, 30-minute advance notice when your tech is on his way, and a website teeming with free HVAC and plumbing advice.
The original Isley goal of providing reliable, quality home repair services remains the same, even after 60 years.

A Reputation Built on Quality & Reliability

East Valley Tribune Article Featuring Isley's Home Service 60 Years In The East Valley
Article Link: East Valley Tribune: Northeast Mesa Edition – Feb. 26, 2017 (click to page 16)

2017-01-035 star review image
5 stars for service and price. Installed a Trane heat pump package unit for $1000 less than Arizona Dukes of Air. I called Isley’s after Dukes of Air caused my unit to have a catastrophic structural failure the first time I used it after having them service it.

Derek came out and was the ONLY person from 5 heating and cooling companies to…

View ReviewGoogle Review Icon D. Duderino
2017-04-045 star review image
We had a nasty surprise leak in our water service line directly under our driveway and called Isley’s as I know them to be a trusted company in an industry full of questionable companies. They came out promptly to inspect the problem and provided a couple of solutions to fix the leak. They gave us some very reasonable quotes for the proposed solutions and…

View ReviewFacebook Review Icon B. Poole

2017-06-055 star review image
This is the third time that I have used Isley’s and I will keep them as my primary AC service provider as they are awesome. I have had exceptional service from them every time they have installed and serviced my Trane AC unit. Keep up the good work.


We’ve used Isley’s for about 10 years now. They are fast, courteous, professional and good at what they do. Our list of services include a new A/C (rental condo in Chandler), a reverse osmosis repair, a new water heater, A/C repair (rental unit in Scottsdale) and various plumbing issues. All home service repairs/installs were handled expertly.

What to Expect When You Call Isley’s

We take pride in our customer relationships, which is why we:

  • Provide a three-hour window for service calls, and we call you 30 minutes in advance to let you know we’re on our way
  • Give you a service request estimate that’s been reviewed by a master technician, to ensure you receive value for the price
  • Recommend reputable sub-contractors for drywall, flooring, water restoration and other services that Isley’s Home Service doesn’t cover.