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7 Expert Tips to Boost Air Conditioning Efficiency

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With good maintenance, an A/C unit can last up to 15 years, and the more you take care of your air conditioner, the more use you’ll get from it and the lower your utility bills will be. We’ve drilled down some of the essentials to look for an efficient air conditioner system. Here are the top seven things that Arizona homeowners and businesses should consider to Boost Air Conditioning Efficiency.

1. Filter

Every A/C unit needs a filter. Dirt, debris, and particles will accumulate on the evaporator coils without one. Fortunately, filters have become more versatile in recent years. There are some filters on the market with antimicrobial properties. This kind of filter can definitely help battle mold and mildew build if you have a lot of humidity in your home.

An electrostatically charged filter captures dust, pollen, smoke, and even mold spores. Regardless of the type, each filter supports clean indoor air; otherwise, your A/C unit will contribute to pollution inside your house.

Besides the compressor, condenser, coolant, and a power source, a filter is the most important accessory for your air conditioner. The filter is what captures the air and dust particles before it moves through the system. As a result, it’s prone to becoming clogged over time, so you’ll need work with a professional air conditioner service company to regularly clean or replace the filter.

Which brings us to…..

2. A Reliable Air Conditioning Company

Search online for a good local air conditioning maintenance and repair company. This is a must-have for any Valley homeowner. Companies like Isley’s provide top-notch maintenance, installation, and air conditioner repairs. Read the online reviews and do your research, because many businesses claim they’re the best but take advantage of customers.

Generally, when your air conditioning goes out in the hot AZ summer, you’ve got an immediate problem. So accessibility is essential. You may need the company in an emergency, so its website should provide a 24/7 phone number. The business should make some effort to provide guidance based on years of experience. It should also be willing to help mitigate and prevent problems.

3. Weather Seals

Poorly constructed windows and doors are especially vulnerable to letting hot outside air into your home. Open air pockets decrease home cooling efficiency in homes baking under the hot Arizona sun. Getting a professional to seal up your windows and doors can close up exposed areas and increase the power of your air conditioning, while saving you money.

4. Vent Kit

A ventilation kit is needed for a portable A/C unit when a regular window isn’t accessible. Luckily, you can add a drop ceiling vent kit which directs air up into the ceiling space. There are also kits that work with sliding glass doors or extra-large windows.

5. Thermostat Control

Remote control of air conditioning units has become standard with many modern thermostats. No need to leave the couch while changing settings. Use the remote or smartphone to turn the A/C on and off, change the temperature, or set a timer. Ask your dealer if a remote is available if it’s not in the box. And while it’s not a must-have, home automation systems that run via your smartphone and control your air conditioning are also becoming a very worthy “nice to have”.

6. Security Lock

Portable air conditioners are extremely convenient, but can be a security risk. Special locks can secure a window that has vent kit components installed. You’ll be able to fasten and lock the window, making it hard for anyone to break in.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance is a must-have if you want to boost air conditioning efficiency. Maintenance takes care of several factors that can reduce efficiency and operating life. It includes clearing debris from condenser coils and vacuuming condenser coils. Sometimes a fin comb is needed to straighten the fins on the coil. Professional contractors can check Freon levels and do regular cleaning and inspection, so check that your Arizona air conditioning service offers regularly scheduled maintenance.

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