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Top of toilet tank in Phoenix AZ

My Toilet Won’t Stop Running! What’s Wrong with It?

 |  Blog, Plumbing

A running toilet is more than just a noise nuisance. If your toilet runs long after you flush, it will drive up your water bill, and waste gallons of water that you will have to pay for. Sometimes this problem can be addressed with a little DIY work, but first you have to find a cause. Below are three common

Older couple sitting on couch talking about air conditioner size in Gilbert AZ

How Big Should My Air Conditioner Be?

 |  Air Conditioning, Blog

Sizing an air conditioner properly for your home requires more than room size calculations. The amount of room sunlight (or shade), number of people in the room, and the condition of your ductwork can impact the air conditioning requirements for your home. As a general rule of thumb, bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. A

Parents with son sitting on floor with paint roller for home improvement project in Gilbert AZ

6 Easy Home Improvement Projects for the Entire Family

 |  Blog, General Home Care

One easy way to save money when looking at what needs to be done around the house is to leave the major projects for the big guns and do the smaller, more manageable projects yourself. As a matter of fact, the whole family can participate in some do-it-yourself home improvement projects, even the kids. Floor Restoration We all know kids

Commercial Air Conditioning duck work in ceiling in Gilbert AZ

How to Tell When a Commercial A/C Unit Should Be Replaced

 |  Air Conditioning, Blog

HVAC management for commercial buildings is in transition because of recent regulatory changes around the use of air-conditioning coolants. That’s creating challenges for building owners and managers. A federal mandate took effect in 2010 stopping the production of all air conditioners that require the common air coolant R-22. This law impacts all commercial air-conditioning systems in Arizona that use it.

Exterior side of home with mountain and sky background in Gilbert AZ

7 Important Things Your Home Inspection Doesn’t Cover

 |  Blog, General Home Care

A home inspection is a great way to take any of the unknowns out of the home buying equation. If the inspection comes back with major repairs needed,it could, rightly, scare you off. Knowledge is key! An Arizona home inspection also helps sellers who won’t repair items adjust their asking price accordingly. Many issues aren’t part of a typical home inspection,

Half full glass of water after water filtration system in Gilbert AZ

How Expensive is a Home Water Filtration System?

 |  Blog, Water Treatment

For many people, adding a water filtration system to the home’s water supply isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you live in Arizona, you undoubtedly understand the importance of a water filtration system. In fact, an astonishing 23% of residents claim the water isn’t even clean enough for their pets to drink. Fortunately, water filtration systems aren’t as costly

Furnished Bedroom with fireplace curtains closed in Gilbert AZ

10 Ways to Keep Your Heating Bill Down in the Winter

 |  Blog, Heating

If you’re determined to keep your heating bill more affordable in the winter, try these 10 tactics and watch your bills begin to drop along with the temperatures. 1. Run Your Ceiling Fans In the Opposite Direction Running your fan counterclockwise produces cool air, but running it the opposite direction in the winter can help reduce your heating bill. Running a

Furnished Bedroom with curtains open in Phoenix AZ

7 Shocking Ways You’re Losing Heat in Your Home

 |  Blog, Heating

From leaky windows to poorly insulated basements, heat losses from your home pile up, taking a serious chunk out of your paycheck. Identifying where the heat in your home is lost is key to making it more heat efficient. Here are seven ways you’re losing heat in your home, and steps you can take to shut them down. 1. Losing

Data graphic showing how to Efficiently Heat home in Gilbert AZ

How to Efficiently Heat Your Arizona Home This Winter

 |  Blog, Heating

If you’re starting to have concerns that the winter utility bill may rival your summer air conditioning costs, take a few precautions and tighten up your home this winter. Doing so means you’ll save money for many Arizona seasons to come. With the winter months and cooler temperatures just around the corner, here are a few key areas to look