Trane HVAC Units Installation

There are several major brands of air conditioners that we sell, but by far the most popular brand is Trane. Quality and dependability make Trane our customers’ #1 choice. Call Isley’s Home Service at 480-422-5949 to learn more about our Trane heating and cooling systems. We will help guide you to find the best system for your home or business.

Trane started over 100 years ago with a vision to build a comfort system with uncompromising quality, innovation, and reliability. Now, Trane’s legacy is found in everything they build, using premium materials and industry leading technology. You can have peace of mind that every product has had extensive testing under the harshest conditions.

We’ve found that customers pick Trane systems for their home or business because Trane provides a complete line of 14 SEER to 20 SEER systems. Trane’s systems include many different choices of single stage, two stage, variable speed systems that provide incredible comfort all year long, with the reliability, efficiency, and performance only Trane can deliver.

Our Professional Evaluation Process

Before installing a new Trane system, we will complete a professional evaluation of your home or business. This inspection allows us to:

  • Perform a load calculation to determine the proper size of system necessary to heat and cool the home or business properly
  • Inspect accessible ductwork and make recommendations to ensure adequate air distribution in the conditioned area.
  • Explain the different styles of Trane systems available; gas, electric, heat pumps, package, split systems, single stage, two stage, variable speed and the benefits of each
  • Explain SEER, EER, HSPF, AFUE ratings, and what these ratings mean to the customer and their utility bills
  • Provide great options so the customer can pick the best system that fits their heating and cooling needs

Trane System Options

Some of the great Trane system options that Isley’s offers are:

What Should I Do Next?

Call Isley’s today at 480-422-5949 with any questions you have about Trane Systems or products. We have Comfort Specialist available to help you make the best decision for your home or business.