Trane AC Split Systems

There are several major air conditioner Split System brands to choose from when you’re looking at HVAC systems. Trane’s quality and dependability makes it our customer’s #1 choice. Call Isley’s Home Service at 480-422-5949 to learn more about New Trane Heating & Cooling Systems. We will help guide you to find the best system(s) for your home, business, garage addition, or remodel in Mesa or Gilbert, Arizona.

What is a Split System?

Split system means that your heating and cooling system has two separate components. The component we see the most is outside on the ground in most cases and this is called your condenser, the system inside either in the attic, closet, or garage is called your air handler which contains the indoor coil. 

There are two common types of split systems. One is called a split system heat pump which connects to an air handler that produces heating and cooling with electricity. The other type has an outdoor unit that is cooling only, connected to a Gas Furnace for heating. The indoor unit, weather it’s a gas furnace or an air handler, is normally installed in a closet or attic location. The indoor and outdoor systems connect with copper piping where freon flows through and transfers heat from one place to another. 

Trane provides a complete line of 14 SEER to 20 SEER split systems to pick from. Trane has systems that will fit and accommodate to any homeowners needs and comfort desires.  There are many different choices from single stage, two stage and for premium comfort variable speed inverter technology.

Single Stage, Two Stage, and Variable Speed Unit Comparison

There are three main types of Trane Split Systems that are available for homes and businesses in Mesa or Gilbert, AZ. Each type performs differently and provides different benefits. Understanding these three types will help you determine which type of Trane system is best for your home or business.

Single Stage

A single stage unit only operates at one speed, meaning it runs at full capacity when it’s running. Single stage systems do not account for inside or outside temperature to determine how fast it will operate. Whenever a single stage unit is running, it’s running at full capacity regardless of the indoor temperature which may cause the system to turn on and off more frequently. That frequent cycling of single stage systems will use extra energy turning on and off, give you more of the blanket on blanket off feel, and cause additional wear and tear on the system components.

Two Stage

A two stage system has two different operational stages, high and low. In its low stage, the system runs at approximately 70% compressor and indoor fan speed. Running in a lower compressor and fan capacity will use less energy and bring more comfort inside your home or business. 

The operation of running in high or low is controlled by the thermostat. If the inside temperature is within 1 degree of the thermostat set point the system will run at low speed (70%). If the thermostat reading gets beyond 1 degree of the set point the system will run in high (100%).

Two stage operation brings more comfort by allowing the system run longer making a more even cooling throughout the conditioned area.  Trane’s Two-Stage systems provides super quiet operation that’s very efficient for both homes and businesses.


Trane’s Variable Speed Systems are the quietest most efficient systems option. Variable speed technology monitors the outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, thermostat setting to determine what speed the system needs to operate at. This technology will allow the system to run as slow as possible to meet the cooling or heating demand. Running only as fast as needed will help minimize temperature fluctuations in the conditioned area and diminish on and off cycling of the system which waste energy and cause unneeded wear and tear on the system. 

Trane Variable Speed Systems will operate the compressor and indoor fan speed as low as 25% of capacity, then ramping up to 100% capacity. Trane Variable Speed ramp up and down in 1/10’s increments to give you the most consistency in temperature which means the compressors can have up to 750 stages. Variable speed machines operate at sound ratings as low as 54 sound decibels, (an average refrigerator runs at 45 sound decibels). 

These systems are highly efficient, which in turn will lower your electric consumption and create a more comfortable living space in your home or workplace.

Trane AC Split System Options

Isley’s offers many different Trane Split System Models, including:

  • XR 14-16 & XL16i Single Stage air conditioners and heat pumps are a great choice with super competitive pricing. (click to see) (or Picture)
  • XL18i & XR17 “2” stage air conditioners and heat pumps for better comfort, quieter operation and more energy savings. (Click to see) or Pictures
  • XV18, XV19 & XV20i Variable speed air conditioners and heat pumps bring the best comfort, quietest operation and highest efficiency Trane has to offer.  (click to see)
  • Hyperion TAM9, TAM8, TAM7, GAM5, TAM4, GAF2 Air Handlers. TEM8, TEM6, TEM3-4 Convertible Air Handlers. Many air handler options to meet every home or business needs. (click to see)
  • Gas furnaces including XC80, XV80, XT80 & 34′ high S8X2, S8X1 units. (Click to see)

It’s the Internet of Things – smart products that allow you to control your home from your smartphone. Nexia connects your Trane heating and cooling system to your smart device or computer through the Internet. With this device you can control your home’s temperature while you are away.

Trane AC Split Systems - Mesa & Gilbert, AZ

What Should I Do Next?

Call Isley’s Home Service at 480-422-5949 to learn more about our Trane split systems. Our Comfort Specialist can help guide you to find the best split system option for your home or business. We provide Trane AC services in Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas.