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Planning for Your Arizona Bathroom Remodel


A bathroom is more than just a room in a house. For most Arizona homeowners, it’s the oasis where they start their morning and end their day. For others, it’s where they wash their furry friends and contemplate family decisions.

However you use your bathroom, broken cabinets, distasteful decorations (yes, including Arizona’s 2000s beige paint colors), sewage smells, or a shower or sink that doesn’t work are all signs you need a bathroom remodel contractor for immediate help.

The professionals at Patrick Riley + Isley’s are proud to offer Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and surrounding homeowners with bathroom plumbing services to complete their remodel or renovation. After your bathroom demolition, we’ll send our contractors to meet with you, evaluate your bathroom plumbing needs, and source necessary plumbing fixtures (like bathroom sinks, toilets, and more). Our team also accommodates on-the-go plumbing requests for replacing bathroom sinks and faucet repair.

To help you get started, read our comprehensive bathroom remodel guide to plan the plumbing in your new bathroom and source needed contractors and fixtures.

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The Plumbing Checklist for a Bathroom Remodel or Renovation


What to Expect

Working with multiple bathroom remodel contractors who have never met can really throw a wrench in your remodel plans. We want to be your trusted plumbing contractor and to make your design dreams come true, so you can expect hands-on collaboration throughout the process with our local contractors. You can also expect:

  • A professional and polite experience from the first meeting to the last day onsite
  • Upfront pricing before the work starts, ensuring there are no surprises 
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed bathroom remodel plumbing work

This process saves Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, and nearby homeowners time and money. When contractors work together, everyone wins!

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Service Area & Specials

Patrick Riley + Isley’s is a full-service plumbing organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether your plumbing needs are indoors or outside, we can help. When remodeling your bathroom, we do it all. We’ll consider your current bathroom and your dream bathroom, then make plans for everything you need related to plumbing. You can count on excellent customer service every time.

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Isley’s Promise

We know that when you reach out for plumbing services in Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, or the Greater Phoenix Area, you’re putting your trust in us. That’s why we’ve spent decades earning our community’s trust. Since we opened in 1957, we’ve built lasting customer relationships. We promise to deliver on our work, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our Services

Sink Repair & Installation

One of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face is related to their sinks. Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a cracked basin, no sink can stop your family in its tracks! Talk to our bathroom remodel contractors to address your sink repair needs. We can restore current sinks with new hardware and fittings or start over by installing a new sink with your preferred material and basin size. When working with Patrick Riley + Isley’s on a bathroom remodel, you can expect our plumbers to consider your style and aesthetic.

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Bathtub Installation

Installing a new bathtub and moving the water line can be challenging. Work with the trusted and experienced experts at Patrick Riley + Isley’s to upgrade your bathroom with a new tub. We help Scottsdale and Phoenix families find aesthetically appealing and easy-access tubs to accommodate all family members. Consider additional hardware such as grab bars for a more accessible experience.

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Shower Repair 

Whether you’re experiencing weak water pressure or water that won’t warm up (don’t wait until November, Arizonians!), let us have a look at your current shower setup. We have the resources to solve any shower-related problem in your bathroom, before, during, or after your bathroom remodel or renovation. Some of our customers request service to fix issues from previous bathroom remodel contractors. 

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Plumbing Fixture Repair & Installation

A broken toilet, faucet, or drain can disrupt your life and put a pause on holiday plans. You may need to include the cost of plumbing fixture repair and replacement in your renovation budget to make the space usable. Count on Patrick Riley + Isley’s bathroom remodel contractors to fix any problem involving toilets, faucets, or drains that don’t work as intended. There’s no part we can’t replace in any bathroom fixture.

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Sewage Repair

The smell of rotten eggs or sewage is a clear indicator that something’s wrong with your pipes. Prior to your bathroom remodel or renovation, get your sewage pipes checked and address the leak immediately with Patrick Riley + Isley’s. Sewage waste can contaminate your lawn and foliage and cause delays in renovation projects. Call us, and we can fix or replace your troubling pipes right away.

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Mini-Split Installation

If you’re in need of proper ventilation for your bathroom, we can install a mini-split AC that’s quiet and energy efficient and doesn’t affect the rest of your home. With a mini-split AC and exhaust fan, you can reduce your bathroom’s humidity and prevent bacterial growth. Installing a mini-split during your bathroom remodel or renovation is an ideal way to make the space fully ready for you once construction is done.

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Bathroom Remodel FAQs


+ Is remodeling my bathroom worth it?

If your bathroom feels dark, crowded, or outdated, a bathroom remodel can be well worth the money and time. First, it will improve your quality of life while you’re in your current home. Start and end your day in luxury!

Second, new fixtures such as shower heads and toilets can help reduce water consumption with every use. This saves you money on utility bills each month for the next several years.

When you sell your house, a bathroom remodel can add value to your home. Imagine potential buyers walking through your home and being wowed by an updated, luxurious bathroom.


+ What kind of bathroom remodel contractors do I need to start the remodeling or renovation process?

A trustworthy plumber should be part of your bathroom remodel team. The other members of the team depend on your goals and budget. You may want to include an interior designer, general contractor, and more.


+ What should I expect when remodeling an older Scottsdale home?

While you’re remodeling, it’s a great chance to uncover some issues that aren’t readily apparent when you look around the interior of your home. Keep in mind the age of your home—now might be a good time to update some of the behind-the-walls components. Old cast-iron pipes, root intrusions into your piping, as well as slab leaks are common problems we see with older homes that should be updated during a major renovation project.