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Man replacing shower head

How To Replace Your Shower Head, Benefits & More

 |  Blog, Plumbing

Your shower head is one of the most used items in your household, but many people overlook it. It’s not uncommon for people to leave their shower heads alone without replacement or cleaning for years or even decades. You may believe that replacing your shower head is unnecessary, however there are several benefits! Save Money on Your Water Bill Old

Very clean sink with garbage disposal

What NOT To Put Down The Garbage Disposal

 |  Blog, Plumbing

Cooking at home is such a deliciously rewarding activity—but who likes to clean up after all of that savory goodness is gone? Perhaps the only bright spot about cleanup is the garbage disposal—-it makes disposing of food scraps and other waste a snap. Hold on a minute; before you attempt to stuff the rest of your Thanksgiving turkey down the

Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Bad for Your Pipes?

 |  Blog, Plumbing

Chemical drain cleaners are incredibly popular options for clearing clogs. They’re cheap, anyone can use them and they usually work fairly quickly. However, there are several downsides to using chemical drain cleaners that you should consider before using one. Damage to Pipes, Fittings and Septic Tanks The chemicals used in drain cleaners are very strong since they have to eat

Man holding nose from stinky broken sewer line.

12 Signs and Symptoms of a Broken Sewer Line

 |  Plumbing

Is Your Sewer Line Broken? Top 12 Signs of A Broken Sewer Line A home’s sewer line is a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of the plumbing system. Allowing these lines to deteriorate may lead to tens of thousands of dollars in exterior and interior damage. Looking for the warning signs mentioned here, and calling a plumber immediately if these

Frustrated man trying to plunger his clogged toilet.

What NOT to Flush Down Your Toilet

 |  Plumbing

Keeping your home’s plumbing system in good working order is obviously one of the most important things you can do. After all, few things could be worse than realizing that your toilet is broken or clogged right when nature suddenly calls. Unfortunately, this scenario is far more likely to happen than you might think if you’re among the huge number

Home Maintenance Tips

Home Maintenance Tips That Are Guaranteed To Save You Money

 |  Blog, General Home Care

Owning a home costs more than the sticker price. In addition to the monthly mortgage payment, homeowners have to take care of routine maintenance as well. Taking care of home maintenance before it becomes an issue can make it more likely that some of your major appliances will last longer while running more efficiently. A lack of efficiency basically means

How to Improve Your AC’s Efficiency Year Round

 |  Air Conditioning, Blog

Winter has turned the corner and we’re heading for spring and summer. Before you pull out the tank tops and flip flops, your air conditioner will need a check up. Temperatures and humidity will rise, and air conditioners will begin working overtime. You know, the usual. At some point, the heat will overload the air conditioner. However, if homeowners keep

common emergency plumbing problems

7 Common Emergency Plumbing Problems

 |  Blog, Plumbing

If you are a homeowner, you may find yourself experiencing a number of common plumbing issues. These problems can lead to home damage if not corrected quickly! That’s why it is always important to have the phone number of a quality plumbing service on hand, one that provides emergency services and professional standards of care.   1. An Overflowing Toilet

How To Inspect & Maintain Your Water Heater

 |  Blog, Plumbing

During the cold winter months, the water heater in your home is an exceedingly important appliance if you want to remain comfortable. When a water heater is working properly, it will allow you to take a hot shower and wash your clothes whenever necessary. However, water heaters are prone to malfunctioning if you don’t have them maintained on a regular