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7 Important Things Your Home Inspection Doesn’t Cover

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Furnished living room with fireplace after home inspection in Gilbert AZA home inspection is a great way to take any of the unknowns out of the home buying equation. If the inspection comes back with major repairs needed,it could, rightly, scare you off. Knowledge is key! An Arizona home inspection also helps sellers who won’t repair items adjust their asking price accordingly.

Many issues aren’t part of a typical home inspection, though you can pay to get a more involved inspection. Here are seven important things your standard home inspection doesn’t cover.

  1. Home Inspection Won’t: Get Into the Walls
    The inspector is not going to tear apart the walls looking for trouble. Any components sealed inside walls are off the table from the beginning. Your home inspector is not going to make holes in the walls to check for insulation. He will observe the walls, ceilings, floors, and a representative number of doors, windows, and cabinets. This means a key factor in keeping a home energy efficient isn’t even considered.
  1. Home Inspection Won’t: Delve Into Hazardous Materials
    It is not the home inspector’s job to look for any hazardous substances. This includes molds, mold spores, fungus, toxins, and contaminants in soil, air, and water. However, an Arizona home inspection will often will mention the possible presence of mold and obvious signs of water damage.
  2. Home Inspection Won’t: Investigate Termites
    An inspector will not check for pests. Home inspectors are expert generalists. They are not equipped to do specialized work, such as checking for termites. That’s what a termite inspection is for. Other pests or critters might also be present in the house. But a home inspection does not cover that. However, if there is obvious wood damage that’s indicative of termites, your home inspector will make note of it.
  3. Home Inspection Won’t: Check Things on the Roof
    He or she can’t tell you how long the roof will last, but the inspector can tell you if it’s in good shape. Your inspector will observe the roof covering, flashings, roof drainage system, skylights, chimneys, and signs of leaks or abnormal condensation on building components. Your home inspector is not required to observe attached accessories including lightning arresters, solar systems, and antennae.
  4. Home Inspection Won’t: Check Off-Season HVAC Concerns
    Your home inspector will only turn on the HVAC system that applies to current weather conditions. He will not evaluate the other system. Keep in mind that home inspectors do not have the technical knowledge or equipment to properly test HVAC systems. A qualified HVAC specialist can tell you what’s wrong with the system, how much it will cost to fix it, and whether it needs to be replaced.
  5. Home Inspection Won’t: Cover the Septic
    An inspector will check the pipes but usually disregards the septic tank system. Before buying a property with a septic system, have the system evaluated by a plumber. If the house has a septic system, you want to make sure that the system can handle what you need it to handle. Keep in mind that some plumbing problems are not obvious. A plumber will help you detect problems early.
  6. Home Inspection Won’t: Thoroughly Check Electrics
    Though the standard home inspection addresses many electrical system concerns, it often only touches on surface issues. A home inspector will check the electrical system including service panels, breakers and fuses. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced electrician for a thorough inspection before an emergency takes place. An electrical inspection can save you from buying a problem home.

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