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Are High Efficiency Air Conditioners Worth It?

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New high-tech refrigerators have transformed our kitchens, with their digital displays, lower energy use, and high tech automated touches. Now the air conditioner in your home is looking at a similar makeover.These high efficiency air conditioners offer homeowners smaller monthly bills, better protection against outdoor air particulates, and run more smoothly all summer long.

The US Department of Energy estimates that by switching to a high-efficiency air conditioner, homeowners can reduce air conditioning energy use by as much as 50%. Your home might be a good candidate for a new, more efficient air conditioner if:

  • Its central air conditioner or heat pump is 10 years or older.
  • Its electricity use increases while your comfort decreases.
  • Its cooling or heating system is noisy.
  • Its system runs longer to maintain the same thermostat setting.

Spend Less on Energy Bills

Reducing costs on energy is a global trend, sweeping many communities both nationally and globally.

High efficiency A/C systems are designed to reduce our country’s need for energy use, while maintaining affordable comfort. In fact, the new 2015 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings as determined by the US Department of Energy require all home central air conditioning units sold in the Phoenix area to achieve a “seasonal energy efficiency ratio” (SEER) of 14. That’s about eight percent more efficient than the previous required level of 13 SEER. The SEER rating is calculated by dividing the total amount of heat removed from the air by the total energy required by the unit.

This level of efficiency was not always possible. Today, technology that re-uses already cooled air, and other advancements, make it a welcome reality.

Better Air Filters for Home HVAC Systems

Air conditioning systems circulate both air and particles around the home. The major difference with high efficiency filters is that they capture up to 99% of harmful or potentially harmful particles in your home.

Conventional A/C systems do little to eliminate pollutants; thus, your indoor air is about the same or worse than the outdoor air. If the air can be cooled AND improved, that’s a good thing for you and your lungs.

Discounts for High Efficiency Air Conditioner

In a bid to increase the use of high efficiency A/C systems in homes, many utility companies and A/C manufacturers provide discounts and rebates that greatly benefit homeowners.

At Isley’s Home Service, Inc. we’ll show you the immediate financial benefits of upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner. We’ll give you first-hand information on any available utility and manufacturer rebates that will save you money out of pocket.

Long-Term Benefits of SEER-Rated A/C

A home’s type and age of A/C system installed impacts the home’s value. Owning a newer, high efficiency air conditioner system eliminates the need and expense of a replacement system. That can be a deciding factor for home buyers – especially in Arizona.

Consult a certified air conditioning contractor to assist you in knowing and understanding about SEER ratings and high-efficiency air conditioners. You’ll learn that the investment is worth it.

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