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The Top 5 Benefits of a Home HVAC Agreement

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Let’s get one thing straight – your air conditioning system needs regular checkups in a hot Arizona summer, and that’s why an HVAC maintenance plan with Isley’s makes a lot of sense. According to the Southwest Climate Change Network, the hours per summer day over 100°F have doubled since 1948.

Isley’s Home Service’s home HVAC maintenance agreement includes bi-annual check-ups of the entire system. Our team of A/C experts recommends a late spring appointment, before peak cooling season so your air-conditioning system will be in top shape for the summer. Likewise in the fall, our team will make sure your heating is ready for the winter nights in the desert.

Here are the top 5 benefits of a home HVAC agreement.

Why HVAC Maintenance Plans?

For a set fee, many air conditioning service contractors offer annual agreements for air conditioning maintenance, tune-ups, and emergency repairs. Some agreements come with priority service and discounted prices.

By paying a single annual fee, you can avoid breakdowns due to major part failures. Maintaining the system’s rated cooling ability helps you stay comfortable throughout the season. Replacing or cleaning dirty filters, repairing efficiency issues, and clearing clogged lines help in the long run. Another benefit is the company will schedule service on a specific date, call you when that time is coming, and reschedule to accommodate your availability.

Homeowners shouldn’t feel pressured by HVAC companies to sign up for air conditioner maintenance plans. Compare the cost of the agreement with your previous years’ service fees to see if it makes sense for you. Avoid HVAC companies that use high-pressure and aggressive sales tactics to get customers to sign up for these plans.

A trustworthy professional contractor such as Isley’s provides the type of air conditioner maintenance plan and overall service that you need to survive a sweltering summer and save financially.

Priority Service from a

If you purchase a maintenance program, you’ll likely have priority for technicians to be dispatched. They often arrive the same day you make the call. Arizona air-conditioning service companies often prioritize workloads by looking at who participates in their service agreements. Put some faith into your contractor and you’ll never wait days for someone to check a problem or fix your air conditioner.

Top Performance/Efficiency

Air conditioners are 5-15% more efficient when regularly maintained, notes energy.gov. Your system simply lasts longer with inspections, filter changes, and other services performed every few months. With an HVAC maintenance agreement, you always know the company that’ll perform the work. You’ll get peace of mind when you know that your A/C is operating as intended in the hot AZ heat.

Utility Bill Savings

Air conditioner service plans save money in many ways. First, companies often provide plan holders with parts and labor discounts. There are fewer restrictions with deductibles and on what can be fixed, compared to warranties. Third, efficiency improvements lower utility costs and ultimately your power bill. Simple maintenance and fixes also prevent breakdowns of compressors, fans, controllers, and other expensive parts.

Isley’s TLC maintenance plans, for example, offer customers 10% discounts on repairs. We do not charge plan holders for individual trips to their homes when necessary repairs are performed.

HVAC Checklist

Finally, the A/C maintenance checklist is something you cannot take for granted. Technicians will use this as a guideline. Items on the checklist include inspections of key components such as blower assemblies, compressors, condensers, thermostats, and air filters. They will also monitor system start up, unusual noises or odors, and refrigerant levels. The complete check-up will ensure the system is operating based on the manufacturer’s specifications. You should be familiar with this list so you know the HVAC agreement is sound. Isley’s checklist is a very good example of what services you can expect your technician to perform.

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