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What Are the Top Air Conditioning Systems?

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So you’ve made the decision to buy a new central air conditioning system. This is a big step for any homeowner, as most new AC units can cost from $5,000 to nearly $10,000. Picking the top air conditioner system is one of the biggest concerns for a homeowner, especially one that lives in Arizona where all-day AC performance is required in the summertime.

People opt to replace their A/C units usually because repair costs are adding up, older systems are racking up the utility bills, or the heating or cooling operations just aren’t right. When making a purchase, people often look for a solid brand, then a particular dealer. In today’s market, you’ll find about 150 brands of air conditioners.

Best Air Conditioning Brands in Arizona

In the HVAC industry, air conditioners are made by six U.S. manufacturers, while their parts come from the conglomerates Honeywell, Emerson, and Johnson Controls. For example, Lennox, Concord, and Armstrong are made by the same manufacturer, while Trane and American Standard come from the same place. What this means is that most models aren’t entirely different from one another.

Given the strict quality standards and processes in place, you’re left with few elements of perfection. The installing contractor is what really makes the difference. It takes tools and training to be good at putting in air conditioning systems. You’ll find the right contractor by reading reviews, checking licensing, asking people, and looking at certifications such as North American Technician Excellence. The ACCA-The Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association is another.

The Difference between Major Air Conditioners

The majority of brands are using chlorine-free refrigerant and are compliant with Energy Star. On the high end, you might find slight differences in efficiency or premium features such as touch-screen thermostats. Reviews are your best research tool. It’s also important to know the deciding features and how each unit compares.

Here are some other points to compare units.

  • Two A/C units sitting on ground in Gilbert AZComfort: If an A/C doesn’t cool you enough, it’s not worth it. Sound level is another strong consideration. A loud unit can be annoying and even disruptive. The Lennox central unit can be as low as 59 decibels; that’s quiet as far as air conditioners go. The Trane XV system is rated at an incredibly quiet 56 decibels, and also features a variable speed compressor, allowing advanced humidity control.
  • Design: Central air models often have outdoor components. The stronger these are, the better their resistance to weather. You also want something that affords easy access to interior parts.
  • Support: This is up to the installer. It’s important you read up on how reliable and prompt the service is. The company should be readily accessible during an emergency, and be sure the warranty covers as much as possible. It should be good for about 10 years, as most new A/C’s last at least that long.
  • Cost: There are various factors that impact cost. This is where you need professional assistance, because average prices vary greatly between brands. Again, pricing does vary among installers, too. The biggest differences in cost when replacing an air conditioning system are the installation process and the quality of the installation. Finding a good installation contractor is more important than brand of system you choose.

Isley’s installs a variety of heating and cooling units, including Trane, which is our preferred brand because of its quality and longevity. You can read more about our Trane products on our website.
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