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Parents with son sitting on floor with paint roller for home improvement project in Gilbert AZ

6 Easy Home Improvement Projects for the Entire Family

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One easy way to save money when looking at what needs to be done around the house is to leave the major projects for the big guns and do the smaller, more manageable projects yourself. As a matter of fact, the whole family can participate in some do-it-yourself home improvement projects, even the kids.

Floor Restoration

Applying grout to floor tile on home improvement project in Gilbert AZWe all know kids like change and destroying things. Give them permission for both by pulling up the old carpet with you. If you explain what’s going on, they’ll be learning a skill while having a blast. If you’re laying floor, let them help you lay down the pieces. This probably shouldn’t be done with a wood floor, though, because more precision and skill is needed for that.

If it’s tile you’re installing, though, let them mix the mortar and help spread the grout. If you’re refinishing old wood floors, have your children participate in the vacuuming before and after the project. Just be sure that they’re not wearing their Sunday clothes.


Whether it’s painting your kids’ rooms or splashing on a new shade for the den, kids love to paint. Show them the basics of mixing paint, strokes, tape and cleaning paintbrushes and rollers. Set them up on a wall that has a large canvas and let them get to work. You can do the painting in the more constricted areas. Believe or not, most kids figure it out pretty quickly. Pro tip – cover everything before starting the home improvement paint job.

Grow Ahead and Garden

Creating a garden is a low-key renovation project for the whole family. It’s also combining science and art for a great learning experience. Starting a garden helps your kids develop an appreciation and understanding of nature. And in this age of video games and smartphones, that’s a good thing. Find some decorative plants or even plant seeds for the front and/or backyards. Being able to eat what you grow always has an impact so go ahead, work together and have some fun.

Kitchen Backsplash

Usually when repair or renovation work is centered in the kitchen, it’s something unpleasant like clogged drains or pipe leaks. But adding a new kitchen backsplash is a great way to ramp up the old routine look of a kitchen. Let your younger kids help pick colors and patterns for the new design.

Younger kids also make for good gofers when a tool isn’t handy. And if you have teenagers, they can likely help you place tiles with a little guidance. When the project is finished, grab a treat from the fridge and admire the completed home improvement task.

Solar Lamps

Installing solar lamps outside is an ideal way to add extra lighting while enjoying quality time with the whole family. Let your children pick out different styles, such as in-ground stakes or hanging types. Your kids will especially love finding the perfect spot for them and can even assist in the installation.


There isn’t an adult alive who enjoys cleaning the gutters. But kids think it’s exciting. From a ladder, they get to climb and see the landscape from an entirely new perspective. Of course, you’ll have to stay close and teach some basic ladder safety rules, like never having two people on the ladder at once.

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