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How Testing and Repairing Your Ductwork Saves Big Bucks

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We’ve been talking a lot about ductwork lately, thanks to our killer Aeroseal offer. Taking care of your ductwork is a smart way to save big on power bills, improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit, and take advantage of killer rebates from APS and SRP.

The Rebates

Let’s start with the rebates. APS offers up to $400, per system (up to five per home). SRP offers up to $250 for single-family detached homes, and up to $200 for apartments, townhomes, mobile homes, and manufactured homes. For both, you must be a customer with central air or heat pump.

Program DetailsAPSSRP
Rebate amount$400$250
Must be a current, residential customerYesYes
Applies only to existing homesYesYes
Must provide a copy of paid invoiceYesYes
A participating contractor must perform workYesYes
Homes with evaporative coolers are ineligibleYesYes


To obtain the rebate, a contractor must test your duct system for leakage, perform any necessary repairs, and seal your ductwork. SRP requires the completion of all testing and repairs by April 30, 2018. As of May 2017, APS has no posted timeline.

Why Are APS and SRP Willing to Pay You for Duct Repairs?

The reason APS and SRP offer rebates for items such as repairing your ductwork or upgrading to a new A/C unit is simple: it saves power. SRP estimates that leaky ducts cost the average customer over $200 every year. The interesting thing about repairing your ducts is that you actually save more than that $200, because your A/C unit works more efficiently, easily cooling those areas where it used to work overtime and still failed to cool.

Leaking ductwork causes your expensive cooled air to seep out through the seams, cracks, and holes in your duct system. Instead of making its way into your home, that nice, cool air instead flows all around your duct system, which in Arizona usually means it’s flowing through your home’s attic, ceiling, and walls.

How Do You Know if You Have Leaking Ductwork?

With duct systems tucked safely away and out of sight, you aren’t likely to see obvious signs of leaking, such as holes, cracks, and gaps at the seams. However, there are indicators that you have leaks in your ductwork.

• Do any rooms in your home feel stuffy or dusty?
• Are any rooms in your home difficult to heat or cool?
• Are there dark, discolored areas in your ductwork insulation?
• Are the interiors of your ducts often dirty?
• Is your home getting dusty faster?
• Have your energy bills increased, even though you haven’t changed your settings or usage?
• Have allergy sufferers noticed worsening symptoms when indoors?
• Does the air from your heat pump feel cool or lukewarm during the winter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to get your ductwork tested. If you would like to schedule a ductwork test and determine your current ac and heating efficiency, call 480-422-5949 or fill out our contact form here.

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