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Smartphone For Home Automation in Gilbert AZ

Your Smartphone for Home Automation

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So this home automation, it’s a real thing. Oh yes, very real and it’s very possible to get it into your home.

App technology popularity on our mobile devices continue to increase. Homeowners today can use various apps on their phones to schedule and program kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, heating and air conditioning systems and more.

When Google bought the home automation systems company Nest in 2014, the potential implications raised eyebrows. The Fool.com recently wrote that the Nest thermostat has potential to become the hub of your home’s automation. It can connect locks, lights, garage doors and security cameras and store data.

Home Automation Equals Control

Home automation is exactly what the name says. It gives you the ability to control almost anything you want in your home with a few swipes on your tablet or phone; everything from lights to sprinklers to doors and curtains. More homeowners today are also using apps to run their heating and air conditioning units. The benefits of using these apps for home automation are numerous. As more people start to talk about the “Internet of Things,” it’s worth your time to learn about how this affects your home’s HVAC system, which in Arizona can be as much as 50 percent of your summertime electric bill.

Save Money Using Home Automation Apps

Investing in a home automation system can initially be expensive. However, the following are just a few examples how homeowners will realize the convenience and cost-savings very quickly:

H3: Remotely control the inside temperature of your home

Although Arizona winter and spring seasons are famously mild, summers are usually brutal with temperatures regularly reaching 115°. Temperatures even higher than that are not uncommon.

Having the option to remotely control the temperature of your home saves you money. If you go to work in the morning, and are able to shut off the air conditioning for the day, arriving home to a hot, stuffy house is an uncomfortable experience. With home automation technology, you can easily control the temperature of your home remotely. You can simply turn on the A/C minutes before you get home so you walk into a home that’s nice and cool.

Turning off devices remotely

Did you forget to turn off the AC (or coffee maker or television) when you went to work in the morning? You don’t have to drive through traffic to get back home to turn off the AC or call the neighbors to do it for you. You could have control over these devices right on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Home automation allows you to have control over as many appliances in the home as you want.

Adjust the conditions room to room

Home automation systems allow users to adjust the cool conditions as you move from one room to the next. This helps you and your family to remain comfortable in whatever room you mini-split systems allow different controls for different rooms.

Choosing a Home Automation System

Home automation systems vary a great deal in functionality and cost. Therefore, it’s important to talk to an HVAC professional who will help you understand the benefits of the systems you’re considering.

If you’re thinking of having a home automation system and are used to going the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, this would be one time you should refrain. It’s a complex operation that can take a lot of time if you’re just trying to fit the work in between other things. Mistakes could be very costly and time consuming.

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