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Easy Water Heating Tips Will Save You Money this Winter

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When it’s cool in Phoenix, everyone uses a lot more hot water. This means extra work for residential water heating systems.

That’s OK if you’re prepared for the added expense. With proper maintenance and a few ideas for spending less, you will be prepared every year. Instead of settling for disappointment each month at what you spend on heating water, take a pre-emptive strike. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to save money on your water heating bill this winter.

Water Heating Savings: Reset the Temperature

A lot of factory settings on water heaters initially set the thermostat to 140 degrees. That’s essentially scalding hot. There’s really no need for your water temperature to be that high, as people are usually happy with their hot water set at about 120 degrees.

Resetting the temperature on your water heater will prevent you from making your water too hot, which sends your bill rising.

To reset the temperature of a gas water heater, locate the thermostat near the bottom of the tank on the gas valve. Electric water heaters have thermostats positioned in a variety of places, but it’s often behind a screw-on plate or panel. Check your water heater manual or look for your make and model online if you can’t find the thermostat.

Water Heating Savings: Go Green

Consider how long it’s been since you’ve purchased new appliances for your home. If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, buy an energy efficient model. These reduce the amount of water and electricity used while doing the laundry. We love to install ENERGY STAR products in our customer’s homes, because they are widely known as the best energy efficient appliances out there.

We may be biased on that choice, but we just like to see people not waste their money.

Also, consider investing in an energy efficient water heater. We use the word “invest” because while it does cost more at time of purchase, you’ll get that money back in savings in pretty short order. Not only will an energy efficient water heater save you money in general, but it has a longer lifespan than older models. This means you won’t have to replace your unit as often, and it will still save you money in its later years.

Water Heating Savings: Be Aware

Our last tip is pretty simple, doesn’t cost any money, and won’t take much effort: Simply be aware of the water you use. Thirty minute showers feel great, but you’ll pay for it. Think of all those times you’ve turned on the shower then did something else waiting for the water to “warm up.”

Here are a few other things to consider that you might have heard before but forgot about:


  • Don’t leave the sink running while brushing your teeth.
  • Run your dishwasher and other appliances overnight. Most models nowadays have a delay start function.
  • Pay attention to the settings on your appliances and make sure you’re running them properly.
  • Don’t set your washer for a heavy load if you only have a few items of clothing to wash.
  • Likewise, wait until you have a full load to run major appliances. This saves money because you’re running your units less often.

All of these items add up. Just as you make an effort to turn lights off when you leave a room, pay attention to how much water you use and see if you really need it all (chances are you won’t!).

We hope these water heating tips are useful this winter, and that you’ll see a significant difference in your monthly bill for many years to come.

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