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Emergency Heater Repair in Gilbert, Arizona

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Gilbert Heater Emergency Service Testimonial

Aerial view of Gilbert AZ neighborhood location of plumbing repairMs. Monroe called Isley’s the day before thanksgiving in a panic because her heating system was not working. She was very worried her house guests were cold and more were on the way for the holiday. Isley’s was able to get out there in a matter of hours using our Same Day Service.


Our technician, John Senters, was dispatched to her home in Gilbert, Arizona around 10am. Ms. Monroe lives in the south eastern part of Gilbert, on Queen Creek and Greenfield. John diagnosed the furnace was not working due to a bad control board and glow plug igniter. These parts had to be purchased directly from the local manufacturer in Phoenix. Due to the emergency service and upcoming holiday, most supply houses were closing early. John drove to the supply house and returned within the hour to install the parts. In less than two hours the customer’s furnace was up and running.


Ms. Monroe was so satisfied with Isley’s she purchased a TLC Maintenance agreement. She has continued to use Isley’s for all her air conditioning, heating and plumbing services.

Emergency Heater Repair in Gilbert, AZ Transcription

Ms. Monroe: I’m Kate Monroe. Just to let you know how great Isley’s is, I just can’t believe the day before Thanksgiving, John…I called at 9:00 and at about 10:30 or so, John arrived and he was up in our attic finding out what was wrong with our heater system. Then made a trip all the way down to South Phoenix for the parts that same day and came back and worked up in the attic, the day before Thanksgiving and fixed the system. That was all he did all day. It was amazing. This is the second year with Isley’s Home Services and they just take care of all the basics. My husband has Alzheimer’s, I have MS, and they do the basics. If you just want to make sure that all the basics are done, get Isley Home Services. I think it’s a great deal. Things come up later in the year but at least they’re at discount. It’s a good deal.

Matt: How’d we do for you today?

Ms. Monroe: Great. Thank you Matt. Tightening up the shower things is a whole thing and answering my questions and being open to that is huge. Thank you.
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