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It’s Freezing In Here! Furnace Problems?

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A broken heating system can make the chillier winter nights in Arizona miserable in a hurry. This quick and simple guide will help you get to the bottom of your heat pump or gas furnace problems and warm things up in a jiffy.

Problem: HVAC Doesn’t Blow Air

You come home from a long day to relax in your nice, warm house, only to find that the heating system isn’t blowing air. What could the culprit be? One of several factors is likely:

  • The thermostat is set to off, cool, or not set high enough. Check your thermostat to ensure it’s set to heat and adjust the temperature accordingly. Increasing the temperature by five degrees should cause the heating system to kick in and begin blowing air. If the thermostat does not turn on, then maybe…
  • The battery on your thermostat is dead. If your thermostat display is not showing, replace the batteries. You can also remove the cover and blow out any dust inside to improve the connection. It’s a nice, simple fix for why your heat pump or furnace isn’t working. Whew.
  • The on/off switch on your heater or furnace itself is not turned on. Search for an on/off switch and switch it to the ON position.
  • Filters get dirty. If you have a furnace to heat your home, a dirty filter can cause it to stop running. Change filters on a schedule recommended by the manufacturer and if your furnace won’t run, remove and replace the filter and try again.
  • Your gas valve is closed. Locate the gas valve that feeds the furnace and ensure it’s in the ON position. Someone may have shut it off before the summer, knowing the furnace wouldn’t be used for months.
  • Check the blower access door. If the panel is not closed properly, it may not allow the system to run. Make sure the blower door is installed securely.

Problem: Gas or Electric Bills are High

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your utility bills and your neighbors haven’t, or if your bill has always been significantly higher than your neighbors, it could be due to several reasons:

  • Thermal imaging device pointed at wall showing heat lose in Gilbert AZYour home is leaky. Weatherizing your home includes tasks like insulating, replacing windows, and even replacing curtains to keep the heat inside during the winter and the cool inside during the summer.
  • You aren’t heating your home correctly. You should turn down the heating system when you aren’t home and turn it up when you are home. Set the temperature when you get home and leave it there for the entire duration. Instead of constantly adjusting the temperature, look at what you’re wearing; put on a light sweater or keep your socks on.
  • Your system is outdated and can’t be any more efficient. Your local heating and cooling company can evaluate your system and make a recommendation. If it is old, replacement will lower your electric or gas bills.

Problem: Heater Makes Loud Noises

New, funny noises from your home heating system are almost always a cause for concern. These noises most often indicate something’s gone seriously wrong in the system and you’re in need of heat pump or furnace repair or replacement. If you have questions about your failing home heating system, call Isley’s home heating service for a full evaluation and recommendations today.

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