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Aerial view of condo complex Chandler AZ

Chandler Water Line Repair Testimonial

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Chandler Plumbing Emergency Fixed

Aerial view of condo complex Chandler AZOne of our clients had a leaky water line at a condo complex in Chandler, Arizona. They are located in south Chandler on Queen Creak road and Alma School Road. Two of our expert technicians – George Cathey and Richard Ensinger – were assigned to the job. It was a leaking 3’ water line, 7 feet deep under a driveway. That pipe supplied water to several buildings in this condominium complex, and a several dozen condos within the complex.

We pulled out all of the stops to solve this issue in just two days. The driveway had to be removed with a jack hammer, and an excavator was contracted to dig down to the pipe. Once the leak was exposed a pump was placed in the hole, and water was pumped into the storm drains to keep the hole from filling with water until we could return the next day to do the repair. The hole was then covered with plywood and taped off with caution tape, to make it safe.

We had to return the next day in order to give the HOA time to give notice to all the residents that the water would be turned off. We wanted to keep the time the residents would be without water to a minimum. It took about 30 minutes make the repairs and restore water. We then backfilled the hole, and a concrete contractor was sent out to do the driveway repair.

[The job took 2 days. This repair was done in a condo community which is managed by one of our clients. We handle plumbing repairs for 15 properties under their management].

Waterline Repair in Chandler, AZ Transcription

Hey. I just want to give a real positive recommendation for the tremendous work that Richard and George did on the property here. I’ve done this kind of repair, like, four or five times and have had a lot of aggravation.  I found that they were 100% professional and courteous. The most important thing… I told them [my thoughts and observations] and they listened to me, and they actually took it serious, what I said. I think it turned out great. If there is any future work, I would like these two gentlemen to work on the property. Anything more I can say. I am 100% pleased. Thank you!

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