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Plumbers Cost Money – Why We’re Worth It

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Everything costs money, and “you get what you pay for” is applicable when considering the cost of a plumber. However, it is possible to find a balance between expertise and expense when it comes to hiring a plumber.

Often a plumber is called in for a plumbing emergency, or even a plumbing disaster. When this happens a rushed and desperate homeowner may hire the first available professional, and sometimes that’s just a cheap plumber. Obviously, this isn’t an effective approach.

What is more useful is to take steps to avoid the disaster in the first place.

At Isley’s we like to think of a home as a human body, and encourage you to do the same. Just as you have regular checkups to stay in good condition, so everything in your home works best if included as part of a regular maintenance schedule.

Waiting until a full-blown emergency occurs places you at a plumber’s mercy. For instance, if the emergency occurs at night, on a weekend, or a holiday the cost of a plumber goes up in these situations. Generally, this is because more is being asked of the plumber. No one should feel they’ve been taken advantage of, however.

Like all other services, there are three criteria that determines the cost of a plumber: parts, labor and overhead. In the case of hiring a plumber, there is also the cost of travel to your home. A homeowner seldom figures in overhead, and travel, but you can be assured that a plumber does.

Here are other considerations for why the price of hiring a plumber sometimes seems high to homeowners, but makes perfect sense to a quality plumber.

Plumber Cost: Dangers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, plumbers earn roughly $50,620 per year, or $24.34 per hour, on median. It should be noted, pay varies widely depending on geography, even from one part of a state to the other.

Plumbers are able to demand competitive wages based on a number of factors. Their working conditions are perhaps the most telling. You may be surprised to find that statistics indicate that of all occupations, plumbers have one of the highest rates of injury and illness.”1

Many of the dangers are hidden. Besides the obvious, plumbers are often exposed to chemicals, and sometimes mycotoxins (a byproduct of mold). A plumber never knows what they will face when entering your home. It doesn’t become obvious until the plumber is actively involved and perhaps already exposed to the danger.

Plumber Cost: Demand

Plumber sitting on floor in front of kitchen sink looking in a White PVC pipe in Gilbert AZThere are aspects of plumbing services that are easy, and some homeowners can meet their own plumbing needs. However, most are outside the average homeowner’s field of expertise, and require a professional. Being in great demand, plumbers can also claim a price that matches their professional ability.

Additionally, a homeowner, paying by the hour wants the job done in an efficient manner, and as quickly as possible. Paying for a plumber to undo a mistake won’t go over well.


Plumber Cost: Documentation

A professional plumber completes years of vocational training and continues to learn about all kinds of advancements. Once vocational training is completed, a novice plumber often begins his career as an apprentice, working for a master plumber.

In the State of Arizona, the apprenticeship program must be approved by the state. Before applying for a plumber’s license, four years of documented experience is required.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors is responsible for licensing Arizona plumbers. Before applying for a license, the interested party must be registered where they live and at the state level.2

A licensed plumber has paid for taken and passed two required exams. They are required to have a licensed bond of as much as $100,000.

Finding a plumber that is trustworthy and reliable is valuable to any homeowner. We will make you happy on that front – and we offer Wells Fargo financing for qualifying Isley’s customers to get those big jobs done. Go to our team page and look for the financing button at the bottom of the page. Or give us a call at 480- and ask us about plumbing, referrals or financing.
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