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How to Maneuver Your Home Improvement Schedule Around Football

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From high school games to collegiate battles to the NFL, it can put the most dedicated fan (who also happens to be a diligent, conscientious homeowner) into quite a quandary. Whether you’re on five fantasy football teams or you follow the Wildcats, Sun Devils, Lumberjacks, Cardinals, or all of the above, from Friday to Sunday, the weekend is loaded with football games to keep tabs on. You’re determined not to miss a play. … What’s a football fanatic to do?

Fortunately, football and home improvement need not be an “either-or” situation. The following are some easy and effective ways to maneuver your home improvement to-do list around the fall football schedule, and still get ’er done.

Plan Your Home Improvement

Part of your success in this endeavor is simply about planning. Is your team playing the later time slot? Then plan to tackle your chores early. You’ll enjoy the game even more knowing how productive you were earlier in the day. Conversely, if your team plays early, you’ll have the rest of the afternoon and early evening to tackle whatever’s on your to-do list for that weekend. Yes, you can have it all!

DVR the Football Games

phoenix home improvement schuduleIf you have a full weekend of repairs ahead that just cannot wait, consider taping the games and watching them in the evenings after you’re done working for the day. Yes, you’ll have to avoid the news (or your loud neighbor) if you want the outcome to be a surprise, but you’ll be a lot more productive.

The Bye Week Remains Critical

Actor Joe Manganiello used it when scheduling his wedding to Sofia Vergara so he wouldn’t miss his beloved Steelers, and you can use it, too. Every NFL team gets a “bye” during the regular season – a week where they do not play a game and can rest up. This is the perfect weekend to schedule as many of your home improvement projects as possible, since you won’t have to miss your team.

Radio-Friendly Game Coverage

If you simply can’t delay a project, don’t forget that football games are broadcast on the radio as well. Even if you can’t watch the video, you can listen to the play by play done by radio announcers who were hired for their talents with painting a complete and detailed picture of the game using just their words and voices. So bust out that old AM/FM contraption, fire up your satellite radio, or find a good stream on the internet using your smartphone.

Take a Break from Football

Clearly the only way this is possible is if your team isn’t doing well. If that’s the case, it’s the perfect time to stop torturing yourself and take a break from their atrocious play. While a squad can start the season strong, its performance can change on a dime and go south quickly (2014 Cardinals season, anyone?). While we hope this doesn’t happen, if it does, why not capitalize on it and get a bunch of things done around the house?

Make Friendly Wagers

Does your brother, neighbor or your own teenager support an opposing team that you can’t stand? Then consider placing bets throughout the season, with the loser having to do a home improvement project of the winner’s choice. Yes, this is risky, as you might lose; however, if you believe in your team, you just might get your house painted or your landscaping done while you get to relax. Score!

Be a Weeknight Warrior

Yes, weekends are traditionally for working around the house, but who says you can’t do home improvements during the week? While there’s football on Monday and Thursday evenings, Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings are potential home improvement times.

Generally, those Thursday games aren’t that great, either and that is the perfect time to change the air filters during a commercial break for a little AC preventative maintenance. On other days, consider tackling something on your home improvement list the moment you get home from work, or take a half-day off and really make some headway on that special project so that you’ll have the weekend free.


Who says you have to do all your home improvements yourself? Consider outsourcing some of those projects to a trusted professional. Isley’s Home Service can assist with a number of home improvement tasks, including air conditioning or heating system repairs, new system installation, plumbing work, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, water heater repair/installation, pipe repairs and replacement, and much more.

You look forward to the football season all year, so don’t miss a play. Use these ideas to effectively maneuver your home improvement schedule around your love of the game.