Isley’s TLC Plumbing Maintenance Agreement Servicing Mesa, Gilbert, & Phoenix Metro Area

Isley’s, A Full Service and Maintenance Plumbing Company

The Isley’s TLC Plumbing Maintenance Agreement is an affordable option that will give you peace of mind with your home’s plumbing. Here’s what you get from Isley’s Annual TLC Maintenance Agreement:

  • Flush sediment build-up from your hot water tank
  • Test water heater components to make sure they’re working
  • Check all faucets inside and outside your home
  • Inspect exposed plumbing under sinks
  • Inspect (exercise) emergency shut-off valves
  • Clean pop-up assemblies in sinks to remove sludge, and follow that with Bio-Clean enzyme to prevent further build-up
  • Priority dispatch when you call for plumbing repairs.
  • Trip fees are waived any time you call us for plumbing repairs, and you receive a 10% discount on all repairs during the TLC contract period!
  • $150 per year (or $14 per month) or $135 per year if bundled with an HVAC, Reverse Osmosis or Water Softener TLC Agreement

Located in Gilbert Arizona, Servicing the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

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