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Do You Think Your Property Has a Slab Leak?

If you suspect that your property has a water leak under a slab, call Isley’s Home Service to schedule an inspection. Learn more about how slab leaks happen, and what to do if you suspect you have one.


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A slab leak happens when the pipes in the water lines under your home burst, break, rust or rupture. It’s not actually a leak in the slab; rather, it’s a leak in the pipes under the concrete slab of your home. Common signs that you have a slab leak include:

  • You can hear water running, even though all faucets are turned off.
  • You feel a warm spot on the floor (that could mean you’ve got leak in the hot water line).
  • Your water meter is spinning, but no water is running inside or outside your property
  • You see mold, mildew or moisture in your flooring.
  • Your water bills significantly increase, and you can’t explain why the volume of usage has increased.

How Do Plumbers Detect Slab Leaks?

Isley’s plumbers use noninvasive, state-of-the-art leak-detection technology to look inside the walls and under the floors of your home to pinpoint the source of leaks. We can detect even the most complicated leaks, clear clogs and repair pipes to restore the integrity of your plumbing system. We recommend that you call us for a slab-leak detection inspection if:

  • You feel warm spots on the floor. If you’ve got spots on your floor that are unusually warm, it could be because you’ve got a leak in the hot water pipe.
  • Your water bills are inexplicably high. You’ve rule out everything else and can’t find the cause for a spike in water usage. You could have a leak that you can’t see.
  • You’ve got a persistent bug problem. A leak in the slab will keep the ground moist, which is attractive to thirsty pests.
  • You are buying a new home and you suspect water leak issues. Slab leak inspection is not part of a standard real estate home inspection in Arizona. Do this before you close on the property because it can detect problems in places not visible to the eye.

Slab Leak Detection Equipment

You should never let a home maintenance professional break through a floor or wall without having used some sort of leak detection equipment first. This technology allows us to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, so that we minimize the disruption to your home.

Electronics: We use electronics to locate exactly where pipes are located below the concrete floor.

Sound: Isley’s Plumbers use listening devices along the path of the pipe beneath the concrete floor where a leak is.

Thermometer: Leaking hot water will raise the temperature of the structures around it, and we use a laser thermometer to identify those hottest spots.

How Much Does Slab Leak Detection Cost?

The price to have a professional come to your business or home to inspect for slab leaks depends on how big your property is. Typical costs are $200 to $300, and at that time, Isley’s professional plumbers will provide you with slab leadk repair options and an estimate. We also have a network of subcontractors we can recommend for drywall, painting, pest control and other related services.

Does Insurance Cover Slab Leaks?

It might. Isley’s can help you communicate to your homeowners insurance carrier to find out. These are some factors that affect whether the insurance company will pay for damage caused by a water leak under a slab:

  • Time – If the leak happened a long time ago and you didn’t respond right away, the insurance company might argue that you neglected it and refuse to pay. It’s IMPORTANT if you think you have a leak to have it looked at immediately. Homeowner insurance policies are intended to cover sudden damages.
  • Damage – Let’s say you find a hotspot on your floor, and we determine that you do have a slab leak. Fortunately, it hasn’t caused any damage, but we’ll have to drill through the floor to fix the leak. That might not be covered by your insurance because homeowners insurance covers damages. Your insurance policy may cover accessing the leaking area, which may include opening the floor, exposing or removing dirt to get to the pipe, opening drywall and necessary drywall repairs. Normally the homeowner is responsible for paying their deductible and the actual repair of the leaking pipe. Isley’s works directly with insurance companies. If you have questions about this, ask us
  • Risk – Your homeowner’s policy probably has language that talks about peril, as in fire, severe weather and water that puts your home in danger. The insurance adjuster’s job is to assess whether the slab leak qualifies as peril to your home.

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How Do You Fix Slab Leaks?

The goal is to do as little damage to the structures of your home as possible. If the leak is small and we can access it with little disruption to your home, we’ll go through the floor or wall to fix it.

However, if the problem is so big that it would require excavation or tearing up your foundation and flooring, we might instead recommend rerouting the plumbing through the walls or up into the attic. This process of re-piping is less intrusive and causes much less disruption in your home.