Water Heater Types, Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing the right water heater for your home is important. Whether you need to replace a current water heater, or install a water heater into your new home, choosing the right kind of water heater can save you money.

When it’s time for a new water heater

Before you go ahead and purchase a new water heater and have it installed, make sure your current one isn’t just a small fix away from being able to run perfectly again. Be sure to call an Isley’s Service Technician to troubleshoot your problem. If your water tank is over 10 years old, leaky, or doesn’t heat water efficiently, it may be time to purchase a new water heater. Give us a call today to start with an inspection. We service Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas. 

The Different Types of Water Heaters

There are a few types of water heaters you’ll need to consider.  The most common type is conventional storage tank water heaters, which can be a cheaper, short-term solution. Tankless water heaters are costlier up front, but can save you money in the long term by reducing your energy costs. If neither tank or tankless water heater option interests you, there are hybrid systems available that utilize heat pumps to gather heat from various sources around your house.

Storage Tank Water Heater

Storage Tank Water Heating can be an inexpensive solution to heat the water in your house. Depending on your immediate budget, this may be the solution for you. Here are a few benefits you’ll see when using storage tank water heaters:

  • Installation costs are much cheaper and this system is generally easier to install.
  • Tank water heaters can also hook up to your current natural gas line without having to alter your piping.
  • Storage tank water heaters typically come with a standard 6 year warranty. Some brands can be upgraded to 10 year or 12 year warranties.
  • Higher flow rate: Storage tank water heaters are capable of supplying hot water to several fixtures simultaneously.

While you can keep a hefty supply of hot water inside the tank, if you have a large family, your hot water will be gone in no time. Tankless water heaters can help here.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters use super heated coils to heat water instead of a tank. This style can provide your entire house with on-demand hot water whenever you want it. These units can be a great option for larger families with more demanding water heating needs. Here are some benefits of tankless water heaters:

  • Extremely energy efficient compared to other water heating methods. There is no heat loss throughout the day because hot water doesn’t sit around in a tank all day.
  • Smaller in size. Most tankless water heaters are much smaller and more compact than large tank style heaters.
  • Longer lasting. These units last up to 20 years.

Tankless water heaters are a great choice for larger families, but your house’s infrastructure may prevent these units from being installed without an additional gas line infrastructure.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump systems utilize the heat from the air and ground to heat water. This style of heater is extremely energy efficient because the water itself isn’t heated, rather electricity is used to pull heat from the outdoors. Here are some benefits of heat pump water heaters that you should consider when purchasing a water heater:

  • Some of the best energy efficiency among any type of water heater. Uses up to 60% less energy than conventional water heaters.
  • Tank style system that holds hot water, allows for consistent hot water throughout the day until the tank empties.
  • Can actually cool and dehumidify the area it is located, because when heat is removed from the air, your garage is naturally cooled down.

This style of water heater is more expensive to purchase and install, but the up-front cost is offset by the money saved on your electric bill. With an estimated 3 to 5 year return on investment, this type of water heater is one of the most cost effective water heating solutions on the market.

While heat pumps can be wonderful for saving money in the long-term, ensure you have the current infrastructure in terms of gas and electricity so that your water heater can actually run properly.

Gas, Electric, Or Both?

Most water heaters use electricity or gas flame to heat water. Some water heaters utilize both. Whether or not you use gas or electric depends entirely on the type of water heater you purchase. Some water heaters require more advanced natural gas piping. Contact Isley’s Home Service and we can send one of our qualified plumbers to discuss which water heater heater option might be the best choice for you. We service Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have used Isley’s for all of my HVAC and plumbing needs for several years including on-going care programs. I recently had four instances of need for immediate attention to problems this summer: AC failure, water heater replacement and damaging water leaks. In all cases their communications and response occurred quickly and effectively, including after hours when needed. All of their people have been courteous and thorough, explaining all situations to my satisfaction.  Isley’s has been very helpful in recommending technically and cost effective on-going maintenance programs.   

Isley’s are there for me when needed and they always resolve my HVAC & Plumbing problems quickly and effectively.


I am very pleased with Isley’s Home service. From the initial appt. booking to the completion of the service work for dryer vent cleaning and water heater flush everyone was courteous, efficient, prompt and professional. I won’t hesitate to call Isley”s again and will recommend them to friends. Very refreshing to have a service call go so well.

-Billie McGivern

This company comes highly recommended. I have had a service agreement with them for years for heating/cooling and other services. I am impressed not only by the service men that come to take care of my home but the administrative staff who handles the calls especially Melissa. Real service starts from the moment you set an appointment. I have never had a bad experience which is why I will use any other company. I have a very tricky AC system. Highly expensive and requires routine maintenance. Isley’s installed it years ago and helped me to keep it up. I have also had to have my water heater replaced which Isley’s did as well along with a replacement of my garbage disposal. All services were handled thoroughly and professional.