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The Top 5 Benefits of a Home HVAC Agreement

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Let’s get one thing straight – your air conditioning system needs regular checkups in a hot Arizona summer, and that’s why an HVAC maintenance plan with Isley’s makes a lot of sense. According to the Southwest Climate Change Network, the hours per summer day over 100°F have doubled since 1948. Isley’s Home Service’s home HVAC maintenance agreement includes bi-annual check-ups

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How to Keep Your Arizona House Cool with Indoor Fans

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Finding ways to keep your home extra cool in an Arizona summer can become an obsession for some homeowners. While cranking up the air conditioning is the obvious answer, homeowners can also resort to using ceiling fans to cool themselves. Indoor fans provide continual breezes of cool air, although they don’t actually cool rooms. How Indoor Fans Cool You Down

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How to Keep Your Home’s Air Ventilation Clean

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Proper home air ventilation should be high on the list of necessary tasks in your home. After all, it involves the air you breathe in every day of your life. If your air ventilation system is dirty, family members can develop respiratory problems and disease more easily. More practically, your system can overload itself due to inefficiency when it’s needed

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How to Make Sense of Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

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Mini-split air systems, also known as ductless air systems, offer homeowners a nearly silent, highly adaptable way of moving air independently in a room without the inconvenience or costs of a bulky outside air conditioner or internal air ducts. The use of mini-splits is growing in homes, conference centers, hotel rooms, and elsewhere. Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning Clearly, the