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How to Service Your Air Conditioner for Spring & Summer

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The best air conditioner unit is the one you don’t have to think twice about – you turn it on, and it works. You get cool, dry air and no hassles or worries. However, whatever time of the year, air conditioners in Phoenix should be serviced and kept in top performance condition. A homeowner’s failure to keep the A/C system

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How Big Should My Air Conditioner Be?

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Sizing an air conditioner properly for your home requires more than room size calculations. The amount of room sunlight (or shade), number of people in the room, and the condition of your ductwork can impact the air conditioning requirements for your home. As a general rule of thumb, bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. A

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How to Save Energy for Arizona Homeowners

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Once April arrives, anyone living in the Valley of the Sun can feel the heat creeping up. Summer will soon be upon us and the familiar hum of air conditioner units may be the only sound you hear outside on your street in mid-July. Keeping cool does come at a price. According to SRP, your air conditioning can account for