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Why Do I Have to Change the Filters in My HVAC System?

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Many people don’t believe something as simple as changing air filters can have much impact … that is, until they start to replace them on a regular basis. Doing so has an effect on utility costs, air quality, and keeping a house cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter. The filters in your home’s HVAC system are incredibly

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How to Keep Your Home’s Air Ventilation Clean

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Proper home air ventilation should be high on the list of necessary tasks in your home. After all, it involves the air you breathe in every day of your life. If your air ventilation system is dirty, family members can develop respiratory problems and disease more easily. More practically, your system can overload itself due to inefficiency when it’s needed

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Q & A: Expert Air Conditioner Maintenance Advice

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Your air conditioner can take a lot of hits over the course its life. This is especially true in a climate like ours, with its high heat, winds, dust storms, monsoon rains, and even hail the size of golf balls. Arizona may be the only state in the nation where air conditioning is a necessity during the spring. Arizona residents,

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Are High Efficiency Air Conditioners Worth It?

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New high-tech refrigerators have transformed our kitchens, with their digital displays, lower energy use, and high tech automated touches. Now the air conditioner in your home is looking at a similar makeover.These high efficiency air conditioners offer homeowners smaller monthly bills, better protection against outdoor air particulates, and run more smoothly all summer long. The US Department of Energy estimates