Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems
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Install a Reverse Osmosis System to Improve the Taste of Your Water

Isley’s Home Service sells, maintains, installs, and replaces reverse osmosis systems in homes and businesses in the greater Phoenix area, from Mesa to Gilbert and more. Read on to learn more, or call us at 480-736-1805.

Sometimes referred to as RO, reverse osmosis is primarily a point-of-use water purification system that improves both the quality and taste of drinking water in homes and businesses. Most consumers choose an under-sink installation with a connection to a bar faucet, making it simple to use RO water only for consumption. You may also connect your reverse osmosis system to your refrigerator’s water and ice dispensers.

Reverse osmosis removes a wide variety of particles from your water, including arsenic, aluminum, chloride, iron, lead, and mercury. It may also remove pesticide residue.

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Common questions about reverse osmosis

In most units, the water goes through two filters and a membrane. The first is a 1- or 5-micron filter that removes larger particles like rust, silt, and sediment. The second filter is a carbon filter, which helps remove high chlorine levels that are typically found in Maricopa County water. When you turn on water the RO faucet or dispense water through your refrigerator that’s attached to the RO system, the refined water passes through this second filter to remove unpleasant tastes and odors. The water travels through the filter to a membrane, which is the operational center of the RO. Hydrogen and oxygen pass through the membrane’s microscopic pores, flush dissolved minerals down the drain, and refined water fills the storage tank.

Yes, it typically does. About 58% of Arizona municipalities (according to the Fluoride Action Network practice what’s known as community water fluoridation, which adds fluoride to water to improve dental health and reduce tooth decay. Fluoride naturally occurs in minerals and is carried into our homes through groundwater. If you’re concerned about fluoride levels in your home, contact your local Arizona water utility.

The price for Isley’s Home Service’s RO systems ranges from $500 to $600 installed. We carry Ultima 7 RO units, which are manufactured by Gilbert, AZ-based B&R Industries. Because Ultima is manufactured locally, replacement parts and filters are easy to get! Call us at 480-736-1805 to learn more.