Reverse Osmosis Systems

Why Do You Need a Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse osmosis, sometimes referred to as RO, is primarily a point-of-use water purification system that improves both the quality and taste of drinking water in homes and businesses. Most consumers choose an under-sink installation with connection to a bar faucet, making it simple to use RO water only for consumption. You may also connect your reverse osmosis system (RO system) to your refrigerator’s water and ice dispenser. Reverse osmosis removes a wide variety of particles from your water, including arsenic, aluminum, chloride, iron, lead, and mercury. It may also remove pesticide residue. 

A reverse osmosis system has many benefits, including:

  • It makes the water taste good, arguably as good or better than bottled water.
  • Water is better for cooking and coffee.
  • It eliminates the need to buy bottled water/water delivery subscriptions.
  • It makes ice cubes crystal clear.
  • The system comes in faucet colors and styles to match any kitchen.
  • It is convenient and space saving.
  • The system uses no electricity and has easy maintenance.
  • Reverse osmosis water has many health benefits:
    • The water is free of lead.
    • It is safe for cancer patients to drink.
    • The system filters cryptosporidium, a parasite found in contaminated water.
    • It removes sodium from the water.

Have confidence in knowing that the water you are drinking in your Mesa or Gilbert Arizona home is clean and healthy.

What Types of Reverse Osmosis Systems are There?

Isley’s offers several options for reverse osmosis systems, including the Ultima 6, the Ultima 7, and the Green Reverse Osmosis system. We’ll help you select the right  RO system and provide installation and maintenance services in Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas

Ultima 6

  • Standard, four-stage, undersink reverse osmosis system
  • One sediment filter, one carbon block filter, one RO membrane, and one carbon post filter

Ultima 7

  • Standard, five-stage, undersink reverse osmosis system
  • Same filters as Ultima 6 with an additional carbon block filter

Green Reverse Osmosis

  • Newest, top-tier green technology
  • Five-stage system
  • One sediment filter, two carbon block filters, one high efficiency RO membrane, and one carbon post filter
  • Wastes ⅓ the water of a normal RO
  • Highest quality components


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Below is a list of upgrades that can be added to any of our reverse osmosis systems:

  • UV lights, which will kill microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.
  • Alkaline post filter, which raises the PH of the water to be slightly alkaline. People believe alkaline water is healthier than acidic water.
  • Calcite post filter, which makes the PH of the water neutral.
  • High output membranes, which is what determines the amount of water a RO system can produce in a 24 hour period. We offer membranes from 24 gallons per day, up to 100 gallons per day.
  • Leak detectors, which will automatically turn off the water in case of a leak.
  • Larger capacity storage tanks
  • Water dispensers
  • RO systems can be connected to most refrigerators and ice makers, and can also be connected to some water coolers and water dispensers. 

What are the Benefits of Using an Ultima Brand System?

  • Made locally in Mesa, AZ, so parts are readily available in case of repairs
  • Ultima brand has 5 year parts warranty
  • Systems are upgradeable 
  • Require fewer filter changes because our carbon block filters last twice as long as carbon granule filters found in big box stores

What Service is Required for a Reverse Osmosis System?

Isley’s Home Service offers annual reverse osmosis plans, which include checking for leaks, testing water TDS, filter changes, checking and adjusting storage tank pressure, and cleaning and sanitizing. Overall, servicing is fairly easy for a RO system.

What Should I Do Next?

An Isley’s Home Service expert would be glad to meet with you and go over the options in detail, to help you decide which reverse osmosis system is best for your home or business. If you’ve got a question about reverse osmosis, ask us, or call us at 480-736-1805We service Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas.

Customer Testimonials

Reverse Osmosis Tank Bladder exploded. They came out quickly and fixed the entire system. Quick, professional, and trustworthy.

-Scott S.

Isley’s has great customer service and knowledgeable, hardworking and honest plumbers. I’ve been very happy with all my recent repairs. I think their prices are fair and they stand behind their work.

-Marian R

This company is amazing. From the first phone call to the house call. Everyone was very friendly and thorough. They explained everything so easy to understand.