Water Softener Options

Water softening is not the same thing as water filtration. Filtering water involves removing dangerous contaminants that are harmful to you. When you filter water, calcium and magnesium remain in the water. Both of these minerals damage the piping in your house, if it is left untreated. If you’re experiencing more water spots than usual, or are interested in softer skin and hair after you shower, reaching out to an Isley’s Service Technician in Mesa or Gilbert, AZ for a free diagnosis might be to your benefit.

Benefits of Water Softeners

There are so many positives to softening the water throughout your house. Here’s a list of benefits you will notice after installing a water softener:

  • Cleaner laundry. (No minerals will get trapped in your clothing)
  • Eliminates water spots on dishes, fixtures, and glass shower doors.
  • Plumbing fixtures last longer.
  • Appliances that run water will last longer (Ice makers, coffee machines, dishwashers, etc…)
  • Less soap and detergent is required (Soft water makes soap lather much better)
  • Softer, cleaner skin and hair after you shower

To learn more about water softener options or request services, give Isley’s Home Service a call. We service Mesa, Gilbert, and surrounding Arizona areas.

Types of Water Softeners

When it comes to water softening, there isn’t one size fits all solution. Depending on your specific water softening needs, we recommend a variety of solutions. We carry a variety of Ultima water softening products, each one catered for a specific need. Here’s a few types of products we carry:

Ultima Green Water Softener

Ultima is one of the best water softening manufacturers in terms of efficiency and reducing waste while still achieving perfectly soft water. The Green Water Softener has the full benefits of using a water softener while cutting salt and water use by 50%, compared to conventional water softeners. This is done through Uniform Bead Resin, which improves ion exchange, which in turn makes our water softening process much more efficient and cleaner.

Ultima Green Fusion Water Softener

On top of having the same water softening efficiency as the Green Water Softener, the Green Fusion model has KDF sponges that reduce the levels of chlorine, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Another great feature of the Green Fusion is the Coconut Shell Carbon Filter, which reduces levels of herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, cleaning by-products, and Trihalomethane.

Conventional Ultima Water Softener

This is the most common and most basic type of water softener. It is best suited for customers looking for a quality water softener at a lower price point. While these softeners are more efficient and built better than what you would find in a big box store, they are far less efficient than our green options. When considering which softener to purchase, Isley’s recommends investing in the newer, more technologically advanced Green Options.

Which One To Choose?

Choosing the right water softener system depends on what your water quality goals are. If you are simply trying to eliminate scale build up in your plumbing, or want softer skin and hair, then a conventional softener or green softener would work for you. If you are looking for a softener, and are also concerned about potentially harmful chemicals and heavy metals in the water, then our Ultima Green Fusion Softener is your solution. Although the Ultima Green Fusion and Green Softener cost more than a conventional water softener, the savings on water and salt will offset the higher price in just a couple of years. Plus, green softeners are better for the environment!

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What Customers Are Saying

I originally called Isley’s to install a new water softener in our house.  Their service was great and since then I have used them exclusively to fix plumbing and AC issues.  They are prompt, courteous and straight-up about their pricing. Every time I call I get same day service, which is a must with AC problems in AZ. I highly recommend them.

-Google, John Z.

I called Isley’s when I needed service to my RO and water softener systems. George called me back, we discussed the issues and with Kim’s help, we were able to schedule a same-day appointment. He was competent and professional, and helpful when asked other general plumbing-related questions. We will definitely call Isely’s (and George) for future service work.

-Google, Don F.

Isley’s has great customer service and knowledgeable, hardworking and honest plumbers. I’ve been very happy with all my recent repairs. I think their prices are fair and they stand behind their work.