Whole-House Water Filtration System

Why Do You Need a Whole-House Water Filtration System?

A whole-house water filtration system improves the water quality throughout your entire home. Some systems combine anti-scale technology and water filtration capabilities into one system that filters water before it enters your property. This is a product that will provide many years of satisfaction. A whole-house water filtration system has a wide array of benefits, including:

  • It removes chlorine from water, so it tastes and smells better.
  • Chlorine-free water will not dry out your skin and hair.
  • Filtered water works better with soaps and detergents, so you use less.
  • It reduces mineral build-up on faucets and fixtures.
  • It extends the life of water-using appliances, including dishwashers and clothes washers.
  • Whole-house filters are salt free systems.

What Types of Whole-House Filtration Systems Are There?

Isley’s offers two types of whole-house water filtration systems, including an activated charcoal/carbon filter and a green tac filter.

Activated Charcoal/Carbon Filter

  • Activated charcoal/carbon filters are very effective at removing contaminants from water.
  • They remove or reduce a wide array of contaminants, including chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • These filters make the water smell and taste better.
  • These filters can be installed in conjunction with a water softener, so that you can have the benefits of both systems. 

Green Tac Filter

  • Green Tac Filters combine activated charcoal with filtersorb media.
  • Filtersorb media is a scale inhibitor, so it helps reduce scale buildup on fixtures and appliances.
  • These filters do not soften water, but are a good alternative for those customers that do not want a water softener because of salt or water usage. 
  • However, Isley’s first choice is to install a traditional water softener that utilizes salt. These are still the most effective way to soften water and eliminate scale buildup.

What Service is Required for a Whole-House Filter?

The only service needed for a whole-house water filtration system is to periodically replace the filtration media, which Isley’s Home Service will be happy to help you with. The frequency of this service depends on the type of filter and the quality of the water. No other service is required.

What Should I Do Next?

An Isley’s Home Service expert would be glad to meet with you and go over the options in detail, to help you decide which whole-house water filtration system is best for your home or business. If you’ve got a question about water filtration systems, ask us, or call us at 480-422-5949.

Customer Testimonials

I originally called Isley’s to install a new water softener in our house.  Their service was great and since then I have used them exclusively to fix plumbing and AC issues.  They are prompt, courteous and straight-up about their pricing. Every time I call I get same day service, which is a must with AC problems in AZ. I highly recommend them.

-Google, John Z.

I’ve been a customer for several years now, and have NEVER ONCE had any remote problem with this company. They are HONEST, professional, and very good at what they do.

-Kelly M.

We have used Isley’s Home service for the past 2 years and have never had any complaints with their tech or office personnel. Office staff are always very courteous and eager to assist.  Tech personnel have always been very polite, knowledgeable, and concerned about getting the job done properly. Good company- good people. Would highly recommend!