Water Treatment System Repair, Installation & Maintenance in Mesa & Gilbert, AZ 

Schedule Annual Maintenance for Your Water Softener or Water Filtration System

Isley’s Home Service maintains water treatment and filtration systems, even if they were installed by another home services company.

When we install water softeners, reverse osmosis or other water purification systems, we go over the care, maintenance and operation of the units, so you don’t have to read those technical manuals that were written for professional plumbers. And if you have questions about your unit, you can ask us or call Isley’s at 480-736-1805.

We are a full-service plumbing and water treatment repair, maintenance and installation contractor serving Mesa, Gilbert and surrounding areas.

Water Treatment System Repair, Installation & Maintenance - Mesa & Gilbert, AZ

Common questions about water treatment maintenance

Typically, the membrane is made to last two to five years, but the pre- and post-filters should be changed every year. If you have a large family that drinks a lot of water, you’ll need to have them changed more often. If you are a seasonal Arizonan who only spends winters here, you might change them less often. The cost of the filters depends on the type of unit, but the average cost is about $30 to $60, but some can go as high as $120.

If you change the filters and membranes as recommended by your Isley’s technician and the Ultima Water System manufacturer, the RO systems can last for many, many years.

Well, we always want to point out the savings you’ll get from your water softener when someone asks us about costs. When you are thinking about operational costs, think about how much your improved water will save you in other repairs and replacements. Arizona’s hard water shortens the lives of water-using appliances (clothes washer and dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator) and it’s hard on your fixtures and faucets.

The costs to consider with a water softener are:

  • Electricity – water softeners use about the same amount of electric power as a clock
  • Water – soft water reduces heating bills and requires about 50% less detergent when doing laundry
  • Salt – a 40-lb bag of salt costs about $5 at your local hardware store