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Isley’s Home Service offers two annual maintenance plans for you. We have one for reverse osmosis systems and one for water softeners. Our TLC Maintenance Plan customers receive 10% discounts on repairs during the year, and if we do have to come out to service your water softener or RO system, we’ll waive the trip fee.

Reverse Osmosis TLC Agreement

The annual maintenance plan for your reverse osmosis system is $160 per year, or $14 per month, and it doesn’t matter if your units were installed by Isley’s or another home services company. The plan includes:

  • Once yearly system service and replace sediment and carbon filters
  • Inspect internal components
  • Clean and sanitize tank
  • Test membrane

HVAC Service Chart

HVAC Service Chart


The annual service plan is available for any water softener, regardless of who installed it. The cost is $125 a year or $11 a month and includes:

  • Once a year service call
  • Inspect control valve operation
  • Check safety float function
  • Check brine and resin tank and add resin cleaner to sanitize the system
  • Test water hardness
  • Check salt levels

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